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1115 Summer Street, Burlington, IA  52601.
Ph: (319) 671-7152

The Group's Story

Read on to learn more about how The Group is working to bring these goals to life here in Southeast, Iowa.

Get to Know The Self Reliance Group (The Group)

In 2014, The Self Reliance Group, a community-focused nonprofit, was organized in Burlington, IA. Local founders Patrick Williams and Mitchell Taylor hired The Group's first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in May of 2023. The CEO is responsible to the nine (9) member Board of Directors which serves as the governing authority. Inquiries about The Self Reliance Group should be directed to the CEO. 

Office: (319) 671-7152; Cell: (319) 850-5743;


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Strategic Initiatives

What is The Group doing today?

How will that help the community tomorrow?

Building Community Partnerships

  • Identify area-specific community resources and organizations

  • Learn about the array of regional services offered and identify current gaps in access

  • Meet, greet and engage people and organizations in the community aligned with The Group's mission

  • Identify opportunities to collaborate and encourage engagement

Identifying Opportunities to Develop Health Care Services

  • Identify local providers and their services offered for direct health care services

  • Identify largest barriers to accessing health care services

  • Organize, collaborate, & leverage community partnership & connections to develop sustainable systems that work to meet & fill the current health care access gap in Southeast Iowa

Creating & Developing Community Programming

  • Develop, plan & host community events to introduce The Group to the Community

  • Share The Group's mission & provide opportunities for the community to join in pursuit of the vision

  • Communicating the community value of increased access to mental health care services 

  • Introducing & framing health care as a community good

The Newsroom - Helping the Community Tomorrow

The Newsroom is where all Self Reliance Group news is housed. Select newsletters & outreach materials are distributed from this collection. If you have a question about The Self Reliance Group, it is likely answered somewhere in the Newsroom. The Newsroom is currently in development!

Veterans' Services & Supports Coalition

Thousands of American veterans call the Southeastern Iowa/Burlington area home. It's not hard to see why considering Burlington offers local veterans a VA Clinic, and both Burlington & West Burlington boast recent (2023) Purple Heart City designations. 

Given these local advantages, veterans living in the Burlington area still face specific barriers to improved personal health outcomes. These barriers include:  access to in-county public transportation, access to consistent and applicable technology support classes, and access to (& increased knowledge of) local social supports geared towards the veteran community.

Click around this box to learn more about each of these health barriers, and The Group's targeted action within the community to reduce each barrier. 

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Veterans Social Supports
00:00 / 07:08
Snowbull 2024 Interview
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050824 Self Reliance Group KGRS Interview
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Medicaid Dental Outreach

Thousands of Iowans in the Southeastern Iowa/Burlington area hold Medicaid healthcare insurance policies. “Medicaid, is a healthcare insurance program that both the federal government and each state work together to run. It helps people with low income or disabilities by paying for some of their medical expenses.” Unfortunately, in Iowa and many states across the nation, individuals holding Medicaid health insurance policies struggle to access preventative dental care.   

Did you know there is only one area provider that accepts Medicaid insurance for dental care? Did you know their waitlist currently exceeds thousands of pregnant women and children, exclusively? Did you know the alternative provider with new patient capacity is over 70+ miles away? Does this sound like a preventative health care access crisis to you?

Dental Carries, or cavities, are the single most common disease in American youth. Dental diseases, if left unchecked, can begin to migrate from the oral cavity to infect other parts of the body. This disease migration has the capacity to affect seemingly unrelated health outcomes to the most extreme extent of death.

Click around this box to learn more about the local details of this health care access challenge, and The Group's targeted action within the community to significantly improve individual health outcomes. 

Meet the Board of Directors

The Group is progressing health equity in Southeast Iowa. Pictured below are the community leaders sharing in and spearheading these efforts. Their diverse skill sets, professional experiences, and positions of respect and knowledge within the community are valued as necessary assets to The Group's continued sustainability and success. 

Check back soon for updated Group photos of the 2024 Founding Board of Directors and Executive Officers.

headshot (empty)

Chuck Hixson (President) - Substance Abuse Counselor at ADDS

Hope Dunn

Hope Dunn (Vice President), BSN, MHSA, RN - Chief Nursing Officer at SEIRMC

Linda Hild

Lynda Hild (Secretary), M.B.A. - President/CEO of Casebine Community Credit Union

Shane McCampbell

Shane McCampbell - Pastor at New Fellowship Christian Church & Des Moines County Supervisor

Bob & Sarah_edited

Robert Masden - Realtor & Property Manager at Diamond Realty

Mitch Taylor

Mitchell Taylor, J.D. - Attorney at Cray Law


Patrick Williams, M.D. - Hospitalist at SEIRMC

headshot (empty)

Kim Notestein-Hixson - SHIP Counselor & Certified Community Health Worker at CHC

Bennett Masden

Director of Strategy at Great River Health

The 2024 Founding Board of Directors for The Self Reliance Group is full. 

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1115 Summer Street, Burlington, IA. 52601
Phone: (319)-671-7152

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